Before my very I - Call for Participation

Send us your data and be part of an exciting data experiment!


Step 1
Get your data from Google here.
Choose only:

The data should be sent once via mail (ZIP/2GB). 
Step 2
You will receive your data via mail.
Once you do, you can upload your data 
via tresorit (which has end-to-end encription!) and generate a link.
Step 3
Copy the tresorit-link and send it to
Step 4
We will check in with you, once we have received your data. 
Once you send us your data, you confirm, that you voluntarily provide your data to the artist group Laokoon for the project "Before my very I" at PACT Zollverein on the 30. & 31.10. and have the time and desire to be on stage in this setting. If your data is selected, you will receive free tickets for the performance for you and a companion. 
We are looking forward to you and your data.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to write to us:
"Data Shared For Research"
"Google Shopping"
"Maps" & "Maps (your places)"
"My Activities"
"Search Contributions"

Registration deadline Oktober 20, 2021.


Additional information

Participants must be over 18 and an EU-citizen or live in the European Union*. 

Participants must have a Google-Account.


Participants should feel comfortable and have time to be on stage as part of the performance on October 30&31. If you and your data is selected, you and your companion will each receive a free ticket


Things that we can guarantee:

... we will not talk about sexuality, and sexual topics.

... we keep the name, address and details of third parties secret.

... we will not talk about health conditions.

... the performance won't be recorded and all personal data will be deleted after the performance!

* Thanks to the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) we, as EU-citizens or people living in the EU, have the right to access our personal data that companies and organisations are storing about us.