Before my very I 

An audience full of people, one dataset and one question: Who is the person behind the data? 


October 30 & 31. 2021, at PACT Zollverein

In the lecture performance "Before my very I" the group Laokoon will conduct a data experiment live on stage at PACT Zollverein:  Analyzing the personality of one person in the audience based on their online data. 

Every day all of us leave heaps of data on Google, Facebook, Amazon, Spotify, Netflix and other services. Studies claim that this data reveals more about our trueselves than even our partners, closest friends or family members know. 
In their last project
Made to Measure Laokoon delved into the reconstruction of the life of one person based on their google searches. Through this experiment they developed a state of the art algorithm that they will aply to the participants data. Can they replicate what they did in one year in only one hour? 


If you want to find out if your data resembles you, answer our participation call!

For further information and tickets visit PACT Zollverein.
The lecture performance will be in German only.