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A Laokoon Group Project

Hans Block, Cosima Terrasse and Moritz Riesewieck


Laokoon Group, Kulturstiftung des Bundes (German Federal Cultural Foundation)

In coproduction with


In cooperation with

PACT Zollverein

With support from

Kulturhaus Brotfabrik, vorAnker, University for Applied Art in Vienna, S+T+ARTS in Motion

The most special thank you is owed to the participant of the experiment for her openness, bravery, and trust.

Nathalie Ann Köbli

Production, Script, Directing, Editing, Production Design
Cosima Terrasse, Moritz Riesewieck, Hans Block (Laokoon Group)

Jeanne Bindernagel (German Federal Cultural Foundation)

Web Development - Design and UI
Studio NAND

Voice Synthesis and AI
Jack Rusher & Studio NAND

Data Analysis and Visualization
Laokoon, Letty, Studio NAND

Director of Photography
Konrad Waldmann

Additional Camera
Jeffrey Johnson, Thomas Schneider, Gregor Grkinic, Anna Bogomolova, Klemens Koscher

Lukas McNally

Production Management
Lea Helen Hepe

Nina Hölzl

OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, Patrick M. Müller (Docmine)

Editorial Department WDR
Stefan Moll, Linda Schelberg, Michael Kaes

Editorial Department - SRF SRG SSR
Sven Wälti, Christa Miranda, Judith Hardegger

Cooperation Partner - PACT Zollverein (Reenactment)
Stefan Hilterhaus, Inga Bergmann, Julius Brüntink

Technical Director Post-Production
Tobias Heinze

Assistant Editors
Tobias Heinze, Rémi Dayre

Production Assistant
Clara Hirschmanner

Accounting and Controlling
Jasna Witkoski (Kanzlei Laaser)

Co-Research Tracking and Online-Advertising
Matthias Eberl

Behavioral Science Consulting
Clemens Stachl

Dramaturgical and Technical Consultant
Katharina Meyer

Deniz Wagner, Julia Haas (OSZE RFoM)

Psychological Consultant
Rahel Jahoda

Legal Consultants
Kanzlei Laaser (Sonja Laaser, Laura Rhotert (freelance associate)), Georg Queisner,
Spirit Legal (Peter Hense, Sabrina Otto, Tilman Herbrich, Henning Fangmann, Jonas Kahl)

Business Consultant
Frank Lehmann

Technical Director - PACT Zollverein (Reenactment):
Marcus Stütz, Marcus Keller

Lighting (Reenactment):
Len Pichler

Set Design (Reenactment):
Jörg Schütze

Post-Production Audio & Video
Studio Mitte Berlin

Color Grading
Ben Packer

Voice Recording and Sound Design
Jonas Schüler

Jörg Höhne

Additional Sound Design and User Tracking (Website)
Simon Höher

Script Dubbing
Caroline Schaper

Social Media Strategist
János Joskowitz

Press and PR
Barbarella Entertainment, Juliane Köber (Kulturstiftung des Bundes), Ann-Charlotte Günzel (PACT Zollverein), Sarah Kaes (PACT Zollverein), Kerstin Finkel (PACT Zollverein)

Trailer Editor
Andreas Schumacher

Camera Assistants
Franz Waldmann, Anna Maria Indra

Editing Assistant:
Zoé Lölhöffel

Music Assistant
Bruno Breitzke

Additional Voice Recording Voice Bot
Nik Hummer

Post-Production Assistant
Katharina Lauer

Facade Engineer (Reenactment)

Stage Technicians PACT Zollverein (Reenactment)
Marcus Stütz, Rainer Nilius, Leon Dohr, Lara Heinrich

John Kultzscher & Katharina Lauer

Sydney LaFaire, Kaya Zakrzewska, Antje von der Ahe, Marina Frenk, Ryan James, Karen Joy, Jeremy Mockridge, Emma Díaz

Extras (Reenactment)
Fabian Hagen, Lucian Gilka, Manuel D. Geissler, Paul Frenke, Max Heibges, Hans-Peter Gobien, Thomas Peckhaus, Leon Dohr

Interview Partners
Katja Dittrich aka. Letty, Matthias Eberl, Philipp Hübl, Rahel Jahoda, Frederike Kaltheuner, Anna Lembke, Sandra Matz, Kirsten Ostherr , Johnny Ryan, Deniz Wagner, Johannes Wobus


Sincere thanks to all of our interview partners. Not all conversations found their way into our web story, but they all gave us new impulses and food for thought that we value immensely.

Our footage includes recordings of the following artworks from the Nxt Museum, the first museum in the Netherlands dedicated to New Media Art

'Connected' by Roelof Knol
with Sound Artist Marc Mahfoud

'Habitat'' by Heleen Blanken
with Software Developer NAIVI
and Sound Artist Stijn van Beek

'Econtiniuum' by Thijs Biersteker
in collaboration with Stefano Mancuso

We thank all artists.

Stock Footage
Pexels, Unsplash, Pixabay

Our personal thanks go to
Felicitas Conrad, Erna Conrad, Kalle Conrad, Veronika Hackl, Antonia Rauch, Catharine Eibl and Malte Terrasse

Thanks to:
Brigitte Felderer, Herwig Turk, Alexandra Graupner, Tilman Fromelt, Peter Greve, Matthias Haber, Sandra Bär Heuer, Johannes Heuer, Monika Wechsler Patisserie and Chocolaterie, Wim May from Wim’s Kochwerk, Troll Bäckerei Essen, Grünschnabel Bio Catering Essen, Super Biomarkt Essen, Ankerbrot Wien, Schauinsland Seilbahn Freiburg

We thank the entire Spirit Legal team for their generous support.

Furthermore, Laokoon extends their thank you to the Investitionsbank Berlin for their support through the program CoachingBONUS.

Laokoon would especially like to thank the German Federal Cultural Foundation and its board, Hortensia Völckers and Kirsten Haß, for the trust they have placed in us and for making this project possible as part of the series "Labore des Zusammenlebens".


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